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Network Engineering: a growth catalyst for Africa by Emmanuel Alamu


Book Title: Network Engineering
Tagline: a growth catalyst for Africa
Author’s Name: Emmanuel Alamu
Year of Publication: 2023
Published on: Amazon (Kindle) & Okadabooks


“NETWORK ENGINEERING: A Growth Catalyst for Africa” is a call to action, emphasizing the need for continued investment, collaboration, and skill development to harness the full potential of network engineering in Africa. It serves as a guide for policymakers, industry professionals, academics, and anyone passionate about the transformative power of technology in shaping Africa’s future.

Reading this book has been an eye-opening and inspiring experience for me. It has challenged me to think more critically and creatively about the role of network engineering in Africa and the world. It has also motivated me to support and contribute to the network engineering revolution in Africa.

I invite you to embark on this enlightening journey, as we explore the untapped possibilities and immense potential that network engineering holds for Africa’s growth and development. Together, let us embrace the transformative power of network engineering and forge a future of innovation and prosperity for Africa.


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