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Songs for Orí by Adeola Juwon


Book Title: Songs for Orí
No of Pages: 25
Genre: Poetry

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We all are collectors of memories. But the artist gives memories a face, a body, through the different expressions of his art.

This alchemy, giving form to what only once existed in the incorporeal world of the mind, is what makes artists godlike. And we all are gods.

What I’ve strived to do in this chapbook is to give form to memories. Every poem you’ll read is a memorabilia of what I once felt about someone.

This chapbook, therefore, is an homage to all the loves I’ve loved — my first love; the love that caused me despair; the one that gave me joy; the one that taught me friendship; the one that taught me to own my lust – which isn’t antithetical to love, as we’re wont to describe it.


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