5 Things That May Stop A N-Power Beneficiary 8 Months Payment

5 Things That May Stop A N-Power Beneficiary 8 Months Payment

In today’s Latest Npower News, N-Power payment news, we will be discussing the 5 Signs That show an Npower beneficiary is not Qualified For the N-Power 8 Months Backlog Payment which will soon be paid. So keep reading!

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it’s no longer news that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has recovered funds held by the consultant for several months which led to the 8-month Npower beneficiaries’ unpaid stipends.

The New managers of the Npower Programme earlier announced the Suspension of the Npower programme in order to investigate the issue that led to the mismanagement of the Npower fund, and to recover the money and pay all the Beneficiaries owed.

Now that the funds have been recovered, the question is which category of Npower beneficiaries qualified to receive the 8-months backlog payment which will be paid soon.

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To answer this question, we decided to drop 5 things that might make a Npower beneficiary not qualify for the 8 months payments! See details below:

1. Beneficiaries who do not honor their obligation to the programme: They are found wanted for not reporting to their places of primary assignments as required since they were selected for the program.

2. Npower Beneficiaries who work and receive salary in other government organizations.

3. Npower beneficiaries who have completed their program like the batch A, B and C1

4. Gost beneficiaries

5. Npower beneficiaries who are not confirmed verified in the latest verification done by the new Npower management.

The Npower management has assured all beneficiaries with genuine claims that they will receive their payment once they resolve the issues.



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