Develop these 7 habits now to guarantee you a healthy future

As @DrJohnAfam will say, healthcare is expensive, and prevention is what? It is better than cure. It is time to start living a healthier life for a guaranteed healthy future.

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If you’re still under the age of 30, then these habits are highly recommended for you. Here are some habits that you must develop, to ensure your later years are healthy.

1. Stop smoking.
This gets harder to stop, as you grow older, and really does damage to the lungs and body. This is quite important.

2. Practice safe sex
Yes, No one is having sex with condoms anymore, when they really should. STI’s are rampant and are a major cause of infertility for men and women alike. You want to have children, don’t you?

Untreated STIs can block the tubes.

3. Drink plenty of water

This is the primary “anti aging” secret.

Ensure you drink enough water. In addition to keeping you healthy now, it would also guarantee you a healthy future. It will also make you definitely look better when you get old.

4. Exercise More

Make it a daily routine.

Brisk walking, skipping, body building exercises, whatever you choose to do, make working out a part of your daily habits.

It ensures a fit you and a healthy future.

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5. Eat Healthy.

The dangers of eating an unhealthy diet would not be apparent now, but a number of medical problems can arise from “unhealthy” eating. Eating more of junks is you gambling with a healthy future.

Eat fruits, vegetables etc. Cut down on junks.

6. Be health conscious.

When was the last time you checked your blood pressure? When you are ill do you self medicate? Do you know that your actions now will affect your life? Are you Vaccinated, Have you done a Pap smear? What is your Genotype?

You should be health conscious!

7. Take time to relax

It’s easy to get caught in the “hustle” and forget to take a step back and enjoy life. We are often too busy saving lives or addressing other people’s problems. This stress and anxiety can build up.

Guard your mental health. Breathe!

Credit: Dr John Afam

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