7 unique tricks to get what you want from a female lover

Written by Nwachukwu Onyekachi

As men, we live in a world that can get very overwhelming and troubling. When we get into a romantic relationship, we are more charged to be the head of the relationship and please the woman in our life.

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As a man, we are given some many conditions and ways on how to make a woman happy.

From pick up artist, feminist and our religious heads. A famous saying goes that there are 70 ways to please a woman, the first is by giving her money and the rest is 69. But how do you get what you want from a woman?

The society doesn’t seem to place the happiness of the man on the premise that he is able to satisfy the people in his life from family, society, children and women.

That has made men find succour and encourage from drugs, weed, drinks and all sort of highs. When it comes to relationship, a man just wants his woman to love him wholeheartedly and willing to have sex with him but most men don’t get to experience such desires because they have been doing the wrong things.

The love they get is when they can fulfil the desires of their women and sex seems more like a reward item for good performance.

This write up will dish out 7 tricks to get what you want from a woman without forcing, manipulating, impressing the woman in your life:

Be clear and intentional

When dealing with women, you don’t need to use manipulation, covert contracts such as giving out gifts or money for the reward of sex or a relationship. If you want sex , just state it. Don’t try to be holy or clever about your true intention. A lady who wants to get down with you, won’t play games.

Learn to say No

To get what you want from a woman, you have to learn how to say No! In the game of sexual relationship, women would test a man’s true confidence by asking for things that would push you to the wall. As a real man, you must be able to stand your ground and you must be able to tell her ” No”. A study once claimed that women get some form of sexual tension when they are told “No”.

Put yourself first every time

In a sexual relationship as a man, you must always seek to be the person who is more important. Never put a woman above you. Women don’t even like it when a man tries too hard to please them. They value a man who puts himself first before any other thing.

Don’t settle for less

As a man, if a woman isn’t putting the same effort as you, then she isn’t worth the effort. If a woman isn’t treating you like a King which you are, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like a queen.

Don’t try to control her

In a relationship, don’t try to think or control how the woman should act or think. Try as much as possible to be spontaneous and original. Don’t try to do the “perfect or right” things.

Trying to do those things would surely spoil the fun in the relationship. Make mistakes and annoy each other sometimes. Most women actually love drama. It doesn’t mean that you should go and start causing drama but when it comes, don’t shy away from it.

Always think “abundance” with women

Having a ” soulmate” mentality isn’t good for a relationship. As a man, don’t feel that the woman you are with is the only woman you can be happy with. I am not saying you should go about cheating or dating multiple women but have a mentality that even if she leaves you, you will still have a life and meet other amazing women.

You shouldn’t be in a relationship where you feel that the woman you are with is scarce. If you have such a mentality, you will try to hard to please her and that would make you unattractive to her.

Be Honest with yourself and women

To really get what you want from a woman, you have to be honest with her 100 percent.

Honesty is the best virtue but the thing is, Honesty is the only virtue. As a man, what do you want from life? What do you really want from that relationship? Ask yourself these questions and be honest with your answers.

If you can tell yourself the truth, you would be able to tell women what you truly want and desire. It sounds weird to you but it works. Anyone who is really interested in you would stay.

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