Conditional Cash Transfer CCT – More Beneficiaries Getting Paid

The Federal government’s 25,000 conditional cash transfer grant payment to the poor is in progress as more beneficial received their payment today.

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The conditional cash transfer CCT is the Renewed Hope Initiative of the Federal government to provide support to the needy.

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Information has it that the 6 million people who will benefit from the RRR (Rapid Response Register) program which the government has started to pay but has not completed the payment due to some reasons will be paid by the new government of Bola Ahmed Tinubu under the cash transfer renewed hope initiative.

Those who have already been paid will be given more support. People who have never been paid will now be paid as long as they are in the RRR program.

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Recall that the previous government called people on the phone to confirm their registration for the RAPID RESPONSE REGISTER while others were sent a message where they could send their information.



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