Confessions | Olabayo Moses Tolulope

This is my hope
That mother will deliver on time
My confession
I’m scared tommorow will pick me on a journey of no return.

I know tongues do cry too
I know – I do give them much bites than teeth would give
Kisses! Deception!
The path to speaking in tongues
And coils. And under covers. And melody of life, till weaknesses…

Applications of forces.

Is it of Mariam?
A plot too young to be cultivated
How I told her of things her heavens ne’er knew
She enjoyed every ground I set before her new
The sweet taste of my love lies on her heart
The devil in me gave no chance to rub her oil before fries
Of how I taught her the play of tailing crab in a hole
Of how she could be a musician futuristically
Sweet – stressful!
How I tore her, consumed her wine to stupor to leave her naked
How she began a share of her natural budget till…
Death! STDS.

Is it of Deborah?
The thin teen that triggered those thorny thoughts
She was young with morals in her blood
Once, she exposed my butt to the sun. Disgrace!
But I lured her. And my rod parted her Red sea
See blood! The potency of my medicine was confirmed
That she rose only after the same of Lazarus
I remembered she cursed the beginning of my existence
But I doubt if it was the curse she cursed that caused me this rain of nemeses

Here is a man with closed eyes
Reciting Lord’s prayer and Last Prayer
I’m scared – I’m the man

But I’m still the same Thomas
Is this another way to die into sinking sands?



Olabayo Moses Tolulope is a lover of arts and literature.A native of Ogun state. He is a student/a teacher by profession, male by gender.

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