COVID Toes: skin rashes emerge as new symptoms of coronavirus

A new symptom of Coronavirus called ‘COVID Toes’ has been identified this week by doctors. It involves discoloured and swollen toes, painful to touch.

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Another unusual symptom of the novel coronavirus: purple or blue toes that look swollen and feel painful to the touch which the Dermatologists have named “COVID toes”.

Researchers and experts say the lesions have been manifesting in younger people, sometimes as the first or only sign after contracting the COVID-19 virus.

In a distinct number of COVID-positive patients, some experts are noticing skin rashes. They’re described as lesions on the foot and fingers.


A Report from March, compiled by dermatologists who worked with 88 coronavirus patients in Italy, found that 20% of those people had skin-related symptoms. The most common skin condition among these patients was a red, patchy rash.

However, according to Dr. Choi in a report on;

While COVID toes and rashes have been associated with the coronavirus more than other viral infections, Dr. Choi explains that these symptoms haven’t been widespread so far.”

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  1. That is Winterhands and Winterfeet. It’s a condition assosiated with Auto immune diseases like SLE.

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