Everything You Need To Know About The Elegant Nollywood Actress, Funmi Awelewa

Funmi Awelewa, a Nigerian actress, has bared all on her life and career in a new interview with Sunday Punch. Speaking on the issue of actresses having s*x with producers for movie roles, she said only desperate actresses can go that length.
I was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, but I am originally from Iwo, Osun State. I am the second to the last child of the family. My fond childhood memories include that of playing a game called Kelegbe with my siblings and some friends
I attended Francis ‘M’ Nursery and Primary School, Agbowo, Ibadan, for my elementary education and Orogun Grammar School, Orogun, Ibadan, for my secondary education. I also attended the University of Ibadan where I got a Diploma and BSC in Library Archival and Information Studies.
I was given my first role by Sola Kosoko and the title of the movie is So So Kenke. Meanwhile, I have always had passion for acting right from when I was in secondary school. My first time on set wasn’t too difficult. I got my lines right but I was naive at first because I was so shy. However, I adapted and the rest is history.
Parent’s reactions
My mum wasn’t surprised at all; as a matter of fact she prayed for me and wished me well. It was after I lost my father that I started acting. I am sure if my father was still alive, he would have also been proud of me.
I was brought to the limelight by the movie Aromimawe. It was my second personal production but many people think it was my first. I produced the movie in 2015. Some of the movies I have featured in are Morili Orofo, Ebu-Ika, Aruga, Excursion, Simbi Alamala, The Chain and Egg.
Challenges are everywhere. Most producers or directors want to sleep with actresses before giving them roles, but only desperate actors fall for it. That is why it is good for one to be financially stable so as not to fall victim of this. If they don’t call you for jobs, you work hard and become a producer.
Personal productions
I have produced about five movies and their titles are Aromimawe, Omo Ibadan, Natasha, Gbakoje and Morili Bilisi. I am currently working on a multimillion naira project that I have to shoot before the end of the year. Though I stay in Ibadan, I don’t think it can limit my reach as an actress because I travel often and I believe there is no limit to what one can achieve with hard work.
I found the role of playing a typical Ibadan girl very challenging. My character in Gba Ko Je as Morili was exceptional because as an actor, you should be able to transform into any character in order not to be stereotyped. Before accepting a script, I consider the script and the director of the movie. I would like to play the role of a ghetto bred. I love everything about being an actress because it is what I enjoy doing. I am very passionate about acting. I would love to act alongside Gabriel Afolayan and Majid Michel because I admire the way they act.
I saw Taju’s video on Instagram and I felt so bad for the little boy because I wondered why a five-year-old boy wasn’t in school. That was my motivation for helping him. If some people feel I did it for publicity sake, I understand because it is normal for people to talk. I am not surprised. I don’t care what people say or think about me, as long as it won’t stop me from doing the right thing.
Ibrahim Chatta
The story that I had a relationship with a fellow actor, Ibrahim Chatta, is a bygone issue and I debunked the rumour a long time ago. People who are talking about it are still living in the past.
Nothing has changed about me. I still remain the same Funmi Awelewa Babalola and it has been God’s grace so far. But being famous can cost one’s privacy. People say all sorts of things about us. Some people have even accused me of bleaching my skin but it is not true.
Other interests
I currently don’t have other interests because I am focused on my acting career and building a brand for myself. I believe everything in life is by God’s grace.
Role models
I love Funke Akindele, aka Jenifa, because she is an amazing actress.
I like tall, cute and dark men.
I relax at home whenever I have the opportunity to because my house is very comfortable. Whenever I am not on location, I relax at home.

I love to dress decently and classy.

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