How to Live The Scholarship Life And Save Your Parents The Headache


As a former undergraduate in Nigeria and now an aspiring graduate student outside the country, I have good experiences to share about university scholarships. I will confess that basically all my years in the university were sponsored with money from scholarships.

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Let’s just say my parents did not have enough money to sponsor all five of us in the family and there is that thing about ‘taking the bull by the horn’. I did exactly that.

So far, I can say I have not done badly at all. I have applied for a number of scholarships within and outside the country, some of which have been awarded to me.

As I explained earlier, I am not from a wealthy home so I had to seek other means of financial support in the university. You see, the cost of education in Federal universities in Nigeria is cheap; but even worse is the standard of living for a typical Nigerian family. In my first year, I heard about the MTN Scholarship (MTNF Science and Technology Students Scholarship.

I qualified in the second year and was awarded N200,000! Great reward for education, right? This inspired me and I worked harder so I could maintain the scholarship through my university years and I barely lacked or asked my parents for anything.

Money well saved from the scholarship also paid for my IELTS and GRE exams. With these results, I was able to apply for and awarded a couple of scholarships for my graduate studies in the U.K.

All I need right now is for COVID-19 to make way and life return to normal. My life is set to change for the best yet because of my thoughtful decision some years back and to MTN for not failing me. You can see details of the MTN scholarship here.

I think the application is still open. For international scholarships, there are commonwealth, Chevron and many more. You can search the internet for these scholarships to get full information. International schools also have their scholarship details on their website.

Locate your school of interest and read on their scholarship opportunities. The difficult part of international scholarships is actually passing the required exams (usually IELTS or GRE).

Before you proceed, kindly consider these opportunities below:

You can bookmark those you have interest in or apply now. However, click here to see other hundreds of opportunities. 

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