[Lyrics] TRNSXT – Against All Odds


against all odds
still out here grinding for more
they’re taking shots
but it’s so impossible to back down
I’m unbothered
nkpo ikana Abasi, i’m certain you know
they can’t hold me back
they can’t hold me back
they can’t hold me back down.

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(verse 1)

as tha picture gets clearer
i discovered i needed a frame much bigger than tha usual
when friends start to dat fien nte asua
you know it’s time to khaki up tha leather
much better it is to stay lonely than to be surrounded by folly
so lately it’s been zero talking, king kong’n while i be steady plotting it’s nothing!
dem bin tell me “you too little”
spoke in parables & riddles
made jest of me with each syllable
e ming inua nte itid ebud
but i cared less
already had my mind made up
had to get my big behind to Lagos
hope’s up for tha Nigerian Dream
surviving tha nightmares.

(verse 2)

tha harder you fall, tha higher you bounce
yea man, i was lucky to survive tha pounce
labeled me tha anvil, i had to be patient
now i got tha hammer, it’s strikeback. Thor!
i stay on ma Damien Scott
i’m so good with tha aiming, fvck!!
Trap Vet.
life’s a bitch & i’m making dexterous use of my endowment
real talk, no BS.
my friends always treat me like God
they ignore my existence
they only holler at me whenever they need help
but i’m doing me, it’s nothing
all tha while still scheming up something
it’s gon be full circle in due time
i’m gon shine
Against All Odds.

(verse 3)

somewhere in tha league of legends
Udoh already got a spot
Udoh steady climbing
Udoh knows life isn’t fair, but there’re compensations
s’y he never gives a shot!
ukwak asop idaha ami
Udoh never spends laulau, tha plan is make money.
and if comma dey, Udoh gast switch to Plan B
and that’s ‘NEVERLAND’
you know..
if you can’t beat them, re-arrange to get them beaten
strictly Under.G thangs
i get enough exercise pushing my luck
na overfitness dey fund dis holocaust
still on my Piccollo sturv
till La Familia gets Marcopolo’d up
still on tha matter, tricks or treats
TRNSXT, still on still.
Against All Odds!!!

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