Mass death reports in Kano may be the beginning of dead bodies on the street of Africa

If you have been keeping up with the situation of things in Nigeria, you would have heard about the mass deaths in Kano in almost a week due to a strange illness.

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There is no concrete evidence yet to tie this report of mass deaths in Kano to the COVID-19 pandemic, however there are speculation that, following the COVID-19 curves presented by relevant authorizes in countries with higher burdens, nothing is impossible.

If you have been following our publications at Ideal Health NG, we published a report 13 days ago about Melinda Gate’s statement: I see dead bodies on the street of Africa, where she uncovered the life-threatening effect this pandemic might have in African countries due to our failed Healthcare systems.

So what if Melinda is actually right? What if the cards have started to play out given our negligence as individuals? Well, Twitter NG has something for you on the report of mass deaths in Kano numbering up to about 600 victims presently:

Say all these of mass deaths in Kano are insinuations and everything is perfectly under control but connect all these lines together for once and asked if actually Melinda was right.

And if at all, Africa, especially Nigeria isn’t losing all out.

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