Important Notice on ISBN Issuance Service on ACEworld Publishers

Hello, dear customers and amiable users of our publishing services.

In the last couple of months/years, we have published several books with ISBNs as processed from the National Library of Nigeria via our SAP packages, some of which are available on our bookstore.

ACEworld Publishers is known as a Self-Assisted Publishing company. We publish for authors who do not know the technical know-how of digital and print publishing and distribution, or those who simply wish to outsource the service. And this is why we do not claim any copyright on published materials. All books published by us belong solely to the authors who funded the projects after publication. No royalty sharing/paying. No commission splitting. Our job ends when the job is delivered.

And while we are a registered company in Nigeria that has been in legitimate publishing amongst other services for the past few years, it has now come to our notice that some of our services that involve assisting self-published authors whose books do not carry our name with issuing ISBNs from the National Library is against the National Library’s code of conduct.

On this note, we no longer assist third party authors with ISBN issuance as a service, regardless of how it may seem except they are booking one of our publishing packages.

We are also in the process of making contacts with the few authors who we have assisted with ISBN issuance in the past for their own self-published materials to seek redress as the case may be. We have a record of all these titles and the names of the authors.

ACEworld Publishers is a solution-driven brand with different platforms focused on digital publishing, skill acquisition, e-leaning and even educational solutions with a track record of good, legitimate and result-driven practices for over 5 years and counting.

We advise the public to desist from any business interactions with anyone claiming to be from ACEworld Publishers and issuing ISBNs.

To get an ISBN for your book, please visit here to learn how to issue one from the online portal of the National Library of Nigeria.

Thank you for understanding.

ACEworld Publishers
ACEworld Art & Literary Enterprise.
December, 2023.


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