Review: The Trough and Crest of Lionheart – A Viewer’s Perspective

by Amaobi Uche

The award winning actress Genivive Nnaji makes it to the front line this season in the movie “Lion heart”.

Starring in the lead role Genivive Nnaji (Adaeze) the first child and only daughter of her family fights to keep her father (chief Obiagu) company from drowning in debt, from the hands of a treacherous share holder, and a ruthless business man also the owner of IG motors their biggest competitor both as a transport company and for the Enugu state BRT contract as her father struggles with his health.

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She must work with her uncle to recieve her fathers approval on the only option they have. A merger with the great Alhaji Maikano of Maikano motors, Kano.

As director of the film, Genivive Nnaji excellently highlights the importance of core values such as identity, hard work, honesty, trust and discipline as well as obedience.

For one thing, the actor’s were free from the “stereotype card” with Pete Edochie as nothing but a business man, and for a twist the movie feauters Phyno and Paul of psquare.

It is also note worthy that the movie tries as best as it can to be standard like using branded buses and an actual office with people “in their number” holding various positions as should a company in reality.

However, why she seemingly refused help from Paul, is not clearly noted. Also the statement “If you want to spray incestisides on chocroches, snakes and scorpions, you take yourself…..get yourself advantaged position” buy Adaeze’s uncle makes us unsure if there was an unclear intention chief Obiagu had in bringing in his younger brother. Although it is a carefully produced film with excellent cinematography and a superb video quality, it cannot be ignored that a little more effort should have been added to the scene with the interviewers. Jonarlisim should be properly represented.

Are you considering getting “Lion heart” ?

I believe it’s worth the watch.

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