Stable Income: Partner and Earn with WealthPlus Tech Services

Stable Income: Partner and Earn with WealthPlus Tech Services

Intelligent investing is the key to build wealth. Or what is easier than having your money work for you while you sit back and relax? WealthPlus Tech Services is the way-out here.

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WealthPlus is a registered Technological company Located in Idi-Ose, IITA Ibadan. A highly rated and trusted company known for its expertise in Crypto/Forex Trading as well as other technological services.

Partnership Plans

Below are available plans you can pick from to start earning with WealthPlus today.

Basic Plan: 12%

It is a two weeks plan for both new and old investors. Investors can only use this once in a month. You get 12% plus your principal capital after two weeks.
Min – 20,000 NGN, Max – 1,000,000 NGN.

Standard Plan: 25%

This is a monthly plan, You get 25% plus your principal capital after One month
Min – 25,000 NGN, Max – 3,000,000 NGN.

Salary but not working Plan: ROI paid monthly

With this package, you will get only the ROI Monthly till the last month when the last ROI + principal capital will be paid altogether.

3/6 months = 26% ROI
9/12 months = 27% ROI

Min – 20,000, Max – 3,000,000 NGN.

Forbes List Plan

This is a Locked away fund. You invest and leave it till a set time.

3/6 months – 28%
6/12 Months – 30% monthly:

Min: 20,000, Max: 3,000,000 NGN.

Asset (Installment Payment):

3 MONTHS: 40% initial deposit; 20% monthly
4 MONTHS: 30% Initial Deposit; 15% monthly
6 MONTHS: 30% Initial deposit; 10% monthly

NOTE: For Land Purchase, this terms apply:

  1. Inspection Fee depends on the location
  2. 5% discount if u pay in full before the signed date
  3. Allocation of Land is after the end of the contract
  4. Instant Allocation if u pay at once
  5. You will get the proper documents like
    – Receipt
    – Sales Agreement
    – Deed of Assignment
    – Survey plan


Other Services

Other services offered by WealthPlus Tech Services include

  • Crypto/Forex Trading
  • Sales of Land/Car
  • Bulk Recharge Cards
  • POS Services
  • Electrical Installation
  • CCTV installation
  • Solar Installation
  • Cable TV Installation
  • Security Alarm/Electrical fence (All installation services are both Domestic and Industrial)
  • General repair service and maintenances of Home appliances
  • Sales of Home Appliances/ Inverters
  • ICT Services


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