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Technology; Recycling Tool


Long ago, the world has embarked on the voyage of modifications & expiation due to the improvement in the facet of technology. The process has indeed contribute to the piecemeal development of this space and also help to atone the rudiment strategies of our patrilineal way of life. If not for the resoluteness of technology, things might have remain stagnant & never  trudge the path of revolution. Hence, it is said to be an extreme gratification to mankind.

Imagine moments aback and insert yourself in those embroiled scene of hard & unyielding activities, where human work sedulously to achieve their goal in such a manner that ought to be define as inducement of torture. Then, land clearing , ridges  & planting were done with the aid of crude implements. All farming operations were done with vigor not considering the area of land available for cultivation.

Technology; Recycling Tool

Comparing this process with the modern technological system, there is a broad difference in both ways. years ago, “Thomas mathus” an economist foresights life and  the ways it was lived and hereby prophesized an upcoming situation of dismal. may be then, he weaved his theory with the  antiquated warp of ancient farming system. He states that crops will be in addition sequence(arithmetically) and population will be in multiplying sequences(geometrically). In the long run, there will be an infliction of famine,starvation & drought which will later proceed to the world’s perdition.

By the way, technology has outsmart the titular “Mathusian theory of population” and has helped the augmentation of cultivation outcome weighed to the days of low & inefficient produce. Acquiescing technology is a synopsis of favour isn’t a faux pass because it has encourage the transformation of this niggard world. The invention of technology is a superb level of efficaciousness and helps a lot in preventing humanity from the inevitable conflagration of deficiencies implanted during the medieval period.

Recuperating the chronicle of change which indicates that yesterday’s formulae for success might  become today’s recipe for failure. There are moment when assets(Land) was the most profitable business, later, it was industrialization and people begin 2 invest and now it has been information(software) , which has just occur as a result of technical stratagems. Trial blazers that has imprint their deftness in this world and still remain relevant till date are no other than those contributing effectively towards technology, even a modicum contributor has manage to cease the people’s awareness.

Technology; Recycling Tool

Inventors like Carl Benz (motor), James Watt(steam engine), Alexander G.Bell(telephone), John L.Biard(television), George Stephenson(train), Galileo Galilee(telescope), Wilhelm Roentgen(X-ray machine), Elias Howes(sewing machine), Charles Barbage(computer), Joseph Niepce(photography), David Edward Hughes(microphone), Willis H. Carrier(air condition), The wright brothers(aeroplane), Igor Sikorsky(helicopter), Bill Gates(computer software) and many others has brought the world to limelight with their technological initiatives. Technology has been a betrothed blessing to humanity by stinting the ardent rage of strenuous activities and contribute to the manifestation of swish & fashionable  template of modern lifestyle.

Even the development in technology has helped in reducing the rate of mortality through the Providence of classical & outstanding equipment that has involved in easing the medical services & operations. without technology, the world would have be a reverie that won’t glide on the brook of any trifle success or accomplishment and people would be restricted to a single way of Manning variegated activities. Thus, there is nothing with positive effect can that won’t be ascribe with an iota of foibles & weaknesses. Technology has been misused in some areas and this has rendered an helpful hand to malefactors and also endorse their savage escapades. Examples of such act were the cyber-criminal,robbers,terrorists and the likes. This is just pointing to the pertinent fact that technology has contribute to this realm both positively & negatively, but I think it has been more advantageous compared to its foibles .

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