TIN: How to Apply for Your Tax Identification Number (step by step guide)

Tax Identification Number is a unique number issued to taxpayers. This code is used in tracking the taxes paid by the bearer. This article will guide you on how to apply for your unique TIN.

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Nigeria introduced TIN since it becomes mandatory for every tax eligible citizen to pay tax, be it income tax or any other available type of tax.

There are two set of people that need to make use of this TIN. They include 

  • Business owners
  • Income/Salary Earners 

Requirements for TIN here in Nigeria

Please note that getting your TIN is absolutely free, and you can only get it from the Federal Inland Revenue office near you. 

Below are the requirements:

  • A working phone number
  • A valid Email address
  • Registration form (To be issued to you in the NFIRS office) to be duly filled and submitted.
  • A means of Identification (it could be Driver’s licence, International Passport, ID card or staff ID as the case may be).
  • Your business registration documents (For business only. Not for personal/individual)

Why do you need TIN?

You need it for the following reasons

  • To apply for Government loan
  • To import and export trade license
  • To open a business bank account
  • You also need it to register your new vehicle
  • To export your capitals into Foreign country
  • To receive income in terms of salary or wages

How to apply for TIN

You can apply for TIN in two ways; For Personal/individual and for business

For personal/individual

When you get to their office, request for registration form, fill it correctly then give them your ID card. As soon as you make provision for all the required documents and fill the form, Take it to the Tax office and submit. If you are lucky, it could be approved in 10 days but sometimes it takes longer than that time. 

For business

Fill the form correctly and provide your business name and registration number, your certificate of incorporation, business address and the date you started the business. Always check back to know if your TIN is ready and you can validate it on their official website www.trade.gov.ng.

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