Top 5 Back Workout Bodybuilding Exercises

If you’re a bodybuilder and fascinated with the idea of making your back bigger, thicker, wider, and broader, this 5 back workout bodybuilding exercises is gonna be your new bible.

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back workout bodybuilding exercises

In this post, I’m going to reveal to you why you need to build a stack back and the best back workout bodybuilding exercises that will give you a muscular back. As a matter of fact, a complete physique as a bodybuilder is never complete without a well-developed or muscular back.

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So let’s get right into it.

For some bodybuilders, back workouts bodybuilding exercises to sum up your body physique might appear unnecessary. I would think so myself. After all, no one receives accolades for having a rugged, thick back and you don’t even get to see your back fully when you’re standing in front of a mirror.

But now I am breaking it down to you that it is critically important as a bodybuilder. If you’re gonna impress others with your massive chest, huge biceps and triceps, chiseled abs, then you should do the same with a muscular back. It’s the final key to looking thick and powerful.

But just like every body building exercises, back workouts are really tough. The journey to achieving a solid thick back includes a serious routine workout with drop sets, tri cets, weight lifting and intra set stretching.

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1. Bent-Over Barbell Row

A bent-over row barbell row is a weight training exercise that impacts a variety of back muscles. It also increases strength and size.

How it’s done:

First, you have to pick the right amount of weight and start with slow, controlled movements.

Start by feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees but make sure your back stays straight with your neck inline with your spine.

Grab the bar with your hands, let it hang for 5 seconds with your arm straight and then row the weight up so that it touches your sternum.

Slowly lower it back down again.

Check out the video below to understand better:

2. Weighted Pull 

Weighted pull-ups are a type of pull-up exercise that involves the usage of weights as part of the workout. This exercise is performed by adding weight plates to your body, either using a weight belt or vest, chains, a dumbbell placed between the feet or legs.

This back workout bodybuilding exercise targets your back muscles stretching from your waist to your armpit, biceps and forearm strength.

3. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

The Single-Arm Dumbbell Row is a type of back workout exercise that targets and engages the whole back mostly the upper and lower back, shoulders, biceps, and hips.

You can choose to start with light weights as you build strength. Get a bench and place a dumbbell on the floor.

How it’s done:

Put your left leg on the bench and firmly hold the far end with your left.

Bend over and pick up the dumbbell in your right hand. Hold it with your arm extended, keeping your back straight.

Bring the dumbbell up to your chest, lifting it with your back and shoulder muscles rather than your arms.

Let your chest be still as you lift.

4. Dumbbell Incline Bench Row

This back workout bodybuilding exercise targets and builds upper back size and strength.

You will need an incline bench for this exercise.

How it’s done:

Lean forward into the incline bench

Hold a dumbbell in each hand so your palms are facing in.

Your arms should be hanging straight down to begin.

Now pull your shoulder blades back to pull the dumbbells up to your sides.

Hold for a sec and squeeze your shoulder and back muscles.

Bring your hands straight down in a slow, controlled movement.


5. Decline Bench Dumbbell 

In this back workout bodybuilding exercise, you’re gonna be using a decline bench and a dumbbell.

During this exercise, the back and chest muscles are given a greater amount of stretch when you move the dumbbell down behind your head.

How it’s done:

Lie down on a decline bench and lock your legs together.

Grab the dumbbell behind the head. Slowly it up from the floor by using your arms.

Position your arms properly so that it is fully extended and perpendicular to the floor. This is the starting position.

Start by moving the dumbbell back down as if you were going to place it on the floor, but stop when the arms are parallel to the floor.

Bring the dumbbell up again while exhaling until you are back at the starting position.


If you stick to these 5 back workout bodybuilding exercises, I’m confident it won’t be long before you achieve a well-developed and muscular back.

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