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The Kingdom Person by Oluwasegun Gideon Ogundipe


Title: The Kingdom Person
Author: Oluwasegun Gideon Ogundipe
ISBN: 978-978-57691-8-0
Year of Publication: 2020
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Oluwasegun Ogundipe: a beloved and dedicated son is a kingdom practitioner or better stated a kingdom person. His deep insight about the subject especially on the issue of ministry as put forth by the Apostles of old stating that; we shall give ourselves to the ministry of the Word of God and prayers. The writer, however, via revelational knowledge said that it should be- “giving ourselves to the ministry of the Word of God, Love and Prayer!”

This book will spur you into action to take the course of the gospel seriously, bringing you to the purview of your assignment, your realities as a labourer in the kingdom and it will help you go beyond your limit in Faith and work, leaving your excuses behind to achieve God’s goal.