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The Rational Weekly Devotional by Timi Fortune


Book Title: The Rational Weekly Devotional
Tag: 52 insightful weekly reads for the year 2023
Author’s Name: Timi Fortune
Year of Publication: 2023
Also available on: Amazon (E-book, Paperback), Okadabooks

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About the Book

Many people go through life without querying many of the perennial phenomena that have plagued the minds of humans since the beginning of time. The Rational Weekly Devotional is a manual that aims to guide people to ask these fundamental questions as part of their weekly routine, and even attempt to answer them. The 52 reads cover aspects of philosophy, motivation, metaphysics, society, and self-help. It examines fascinating concepts like happiness, consciousness, morality, logic, society, mythology, politics, psychology etc. This is the devotional written for every rational mind.

About the Author

Timi Fortune is the founder of the Rational Humanist Community, a humanist gathering that aims to spread humanism and advocate for the mass adoption of reason and logic in approaching life and societal problems. He is a final year philosophy undergrad at the University of Lagos, with a passionate desire to create and live in a world where philosophy, logical and critical thinking are not just subjects in the realm of “the intellectuals” or academia. His ultimate goal is to see these ideals become popular mainstream practice.

When he is not writing or speaking, he is making music or engaged with entrepreneurial commitments.


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