4 Best Educational Tools That Are Helpful In Solving Numerical Problems

4 best educational tools that are helpful in solving numerical problems

Education plays a vital role in improving the lives of the person. In this era of competition, everyone wants to educate their kids as well as themselves.

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Now without education, no one gets a job even as labourers in big cities.

Students and other persons face difficulty while solving numerical educational problems. These numerical problems can be related to mathematics, statistics, physics, or chemistry. Some topics of these subjects are on the fingertip of the students like finding the addition, subtraction, multiplication, mean, and mole.

While some problems have long calculations and students become afraid while solving such large calculations. Although they can’t understand every topic in the classroom. Once they made their mind that I can’t solve such larger calculations, they become hopeless and got a supply in that subject.

Moreover, they got bad grades as they can’t solve their assignments and experiments. For reducing this kind of difficulty there are hundreds of online tools are created to help the students who give up and make them mind I’m unable to understand calculations and I will fail in exams.

The online tools provide step-by-step calculations of the required questions. Students can use these tools to understand the basics of any topic just by reading the content of the tool and seeing the solved examples that are available on the tools.
In this article, we will list the four best educational tools that are very helpful for students to solve numerical problems. Students can make their assignments and prepare themselves for exams by using these tools.

1. Allmath.com

AllMath is an educational website that provides 370+ educational tools. The tools that are offered by this website are used to solve the numerical problems of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and statistics.

AllMath offers several tools like:

  • Derivative calculator
  • Limit calculator
  • Arithmetic sequence calculator
  • Harmonic mean calculator
  • Angular acceleration calculator
  • Variance
  • Avogadro’s number calculator
  • Mole calculator

The tools that are offered by AllMath are very helpful for solving several numerical problems of chemistry, physics, statistics, and mathematics. For example, if a student wants to solve the derivative of a function, he has to open this site and write a derivative calculator in the search box.

When the derivative tool is open, he has only to put the input in the input box the results will be in front of him in no time. He can also take second, third, and so on derivatives of the given function. After calculation, he can copy, download, or print the required output of the given function.

Similarly, each student who has to solve the numerical problem can open this site search their required calculator, and put input into the input box. The result must be in a step-by-step way and according to the formulas of the required topic.

This tool is free to use and do not limit the students to solving only three inputs and then you have to purchase the premium to solve further question. Students can solve unlimited questions at any time without any charges on this site.

2. Calculatorschool.com

Calculatorschool is another educational source that is very beneficial for the students to get the solution to their numerical problems. This website has 26 categories that cover almost each educational and daily life calculation.

Calculatorschool has educational categories that are used to solve numerical calculations of the problems such as algebra, chemistry, area, physics, matrix, unit conversions, and many more. This site provides the result in a step-by-step way.

Here are some tools that are offered by this source.

  • Geometric progression calculator
  • Standard deviation calculator
  • Average mean calculator
  • Equivalent fraction calculator
  • Mixed fraction calculator
  • Barrel volume calculator
  • Dilution of solutions calculator
  • Product to sum calculator
  • Root mean square calculator

The students who are not familiar with the topic whose problems are given can read the content of the required tool to understand the basics of the given topic in the homework or assignment. They can also take the solved examples of these tools to understand how to apply the formula to solve the problems.

Like AllMath this site also charges no money and is totally free for the students to solve any problem. Students can also prepare the topic for exams by using this site as each tool content are available on this site.

3. Slopecalculator.io

A slope calculator is an online tool used to measure the slope of the geometrical shapes for getting the sharpness of the line. This tool is very helpful for students who want to solve problems related to the slope.

This tool offers two methods to calculate the slope such as:

  • Two points
  • Line equation

For getting the result by using this tool students have to select the required method either two points or line equation and only to put the given question into the input box and click calculate button, the result will come in very less time.

Students who want to grab all the basics of this topic can read the content of the slope calculator.

This tool also provides some other results like:

  • Angle
  • Distance
  • x-intercept
  • y-intercept
  • Percentage grade

This tool is free to use and takes no payment for solving the problems.

4. Gcfcalculator.net

The GCF calculator is a tool used to calculate the greatest common factor of the given set of numbers. This calculator can be used to solve the problems related to factors, prime factors to find the greatest common division of two or more numbers.

This calculator offers three ways to solve the problems. Such as:

  • List of factors method
  • Prime factorization method
  • Division method
  • Upside down division method

The students who want to calculate the greatest common divisor of the given numbers, have to put comma-separated values into the input box, select the required method, and click on the calculate button for getting the result of the given problem.

The GCF calculator gives the result in a step-by-step way, each time giving different steps for different methods. The result remains the same even solved by any methods. This tool also gives the least common multiple of the given numbers without step.


In this article, we have listed the four best educational websites that are helpful for students to solve numerical problems of different subjects. Students can visit these sites to solve the problems that are given in the homework or assignment.

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