8 Game-Changing Productivity Tools For Every Entrepreneur

Deciding to become an entrepreneur might be one of the most game-changing and brave decisions of your life. But quitting your 9-to-5 job can be a big move, especially for your mental health. A stable job is also a source of stability, if not some discipline and structure in your everyday life.

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When you are your own boss, are you even productive? That’s the main question. So many people have admitted that becoming an entrepreneur was certainly a liberating venture, but at the same time, loss in productivity was a major obstacle. If you are facing the same troubles, then you have come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out more on how to increase your productivity and become a successful entrepreneur in 2022.

8 Game-Changing Productivity Tools For Every Entrepreneur:

Living at a time when we have tools for every purpose is certainly beneficial. Thus, our solution for increasing your productivity is tools! Scroll down and find out the top 8 productivity tools for every entrepreneur out there.

1. Trello

There’s perhaps nothing better than Trello for managing all your projects in one place. The best part about this tool? You can create boards and assign tasks for your employees or team members. Not just that, you can also create new boards and lists – when you want, you can rearrange them as well.

If adding tasks and managing your project wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy the integration benefits with other great tools like Zapier or Slack.

2. Gmail

There’s perhaps nothing better than Gmail. Firstly, Gmail requires one login for sending and receiving emails from literally anywhere in the world. The best part? Gmail is friendly on all devices – your tablet, desktop, smartphone, and the like. When you think about it, it does sound quite interesting.

For instance, if you are on vacation and there are some urgent emails that need your immediate attention, that’s when you appreciate Gmail. You can access your Gmail account from any device and location.

3. Evernote

One of the biggest lessons of entrepreneurship is perhaps how to be consistently productive. And that’s what exactly Evernote is for – it teaches you how to be productive and organized. There’s so much that you can do with this tool. From creating checklists and notes to recording voice notes for yourself, the sky’s the limit.

Evernote is best suited for entrepreneurs working on multiple projects. This is because the tool comes with a sync feature that allows users to sync their data across all their devices.

4. OneNote

OneNote is such a good tool that you don’t even begin to appreciate the same before using it! Microsoft clearly did something crazy with this tool. OneNote stores all your files, notes, and documents in a single place, giving you pretty simple access to the same. Also, the access extends to offline mode as well.

After all, who does not want to make their life easier? So work towards becoming a smart worker, not just a hard worker.

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is so useful that we can’t literally think of life without the same. As a result, it is one of the most useful applications on your smartphone. From making dinner reservations to confirming important meetings, you need this one for several purposes. And remember, time is of the essence, especially for an entrepreneur. Read More: Rsl Online, Tech Net Deals.

The best part? The fact that Google Calendar can seamlessly sync across all devices makes it an essential productivity tool. Moreover, you can even share the calendar with other people. You can easily keep things organized by simply creating separate calendars for different purposes.

6.  Todoist

If you have been facing obstacles while trying to be on top of things, then Todoist is the productivity tool you have been looking for all this while. There are several task management applications out there, but not a single app is as intuitive as Todoist.

We love it because of its elegant user experience, and at the same time, the seamless integration with Gmail and Google Calendar only adds up to the app’s appeal.

7. Microsoft Word

Old is always gold, and what’s really older than Microsoft Word? Literally nothing! There’s even an add-on feature which is known as ShowPlanner. ShowPlanner helps you to visualize and basically manage your entire workday with the help of a timeline. And that’s not all.

The add-on feature will also tell you how much time you actually spent on every single task. So, naturally, this move enables users to set productivity goals and boost their productivity in general. Read Also: Smart Business Daily, Social Media Magazine.

8. OffTime

It is harder than you thought. For example, creating effective advertising strategies, authentic content, managing teams, and tracking your business simultaneously. But, in that case, tools are your only alternative, and you can’t afford to be distracted by social media or your social life, for that matter.

OffTime is here to save your time and stop all distractions from disturbing you. Moreover, it’s not just easy to use, but at the same time, it is also free!

Wrapping Up:

Every day you have 24 hours at the most. Now the most you can do is be smart about your time, especially if you are an upcoming entrepreneur. Instead of googling business challenges and solutions for the new age entrepreneur, simply sign up for a few tools, and you will be all set to rock the entrepreneurial world!

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