ACEworld Interviews Song Writer and Poet, Controversial Success

ACEworld Interviews Song Writer and Poet, Controversial Success

In a bid to celebrate the world of art and those upholding its pillars, we have shined our spotlight on the celebrated singer, song writer and poet, Controversial Success. Prior to this, we held the award winning poet and economist, Aremu Adams Adebisi in an intense interview session, where he shared with us his loss and wins, his exploits and the fuel behind his flame.

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Right here, we have our ever energetic editor, Amaobi Uche in correspondence with the The Dunamis Mega Stars Crew boss, Controversial Success. Read and enjoy!

Now your name, I find it intriguing. Would you like to share with us why you choose that name.

I found I ALWAYS had something to say about everything. I am not one who swallows, hook and hinker, everything anyone says – regardless of the influence. I question everything. And because I do, I have many contradicting opinions about a lot of things.

You are a singer, song writer and poet. So far, how has it been for you?

It’s been three active years. 2017 saw me record my first ever album with my Crew; The Dunamis Mega Stars Crew.

So you started you career as an artist in 2016. Is it?

I have always been singing and writing. The latter part of 2016 helped me into professional music making in 2017. In November, 2016, I had this leading to create an art crew. One which covers the likes of music, poetry and writing.

Because I couldn’t do this alone, there was only one go-to person, Daniel. I communicated the idea with him, he bought in to it, then, boom! The rest, as they say, became history. The journey of two expanded into more people who were willing to work with me. In September 2017, we were already recording songs for our debut album which was launched later on by the November of that year. We made unexpected amounts of money from the launch insomuch that everyone’s trust in me tripled and it has gotten better every single year.

Your single “we shall find joy” was a blast! what inspired such beauty?

You know, I had many reasons which added up to inspire we shall find joy
First, Uche Njie, a brother and friend was the originator of the mantra
Also, life had so beaten me that even the dreams which kept me going became a mirage. The only thing I could hold up to those moments was the mantra; We shall find joy. It’s my most personal song yet.

How did you get introduced into poetry and performance in general?

Because I am a man of many passions, i always seek out a way to combine these passions into one. Take music and poetry for instance.
I have been able to create my own kind of spoken poetry. I call it the MUSIC SPOKEN WORD POETRY
I infuse songs and poetry into one piece.The first ever day I performed this kind of poetry, I got seven more invites instantly and my fanbase tripled too. Since then, it’s been music spoken word poetry for me when it comes to performing live poetry.

Aside, performance of both music and poetry, what else are you involved in?

I’m a medical student.

How do you mange being a medical student and an artist?

Priority and Time management
I record only once in a while. Aside that, my live performances are considered at the amount of time available. Medicine is my biggest priority now, so I give it more time than every other thing. During my free time, I have a productivity timetable to keep me Into my other passions.

Is there by any chance a miss, who perhaps calls you when your alarm forgets to ring?

Yes, there is a miss. She’s a poet too and a medical student too.

It must be amazing for you both.

Well, we try. Currently, she’s not even in the country.

I do wish good things on you both.

Thank you.

Here comes the part where you tell us something, a piece of advice that has helped you through these years. One you think will be beneficial to others.

Don’t always believe ‘its done this way’. Do things the way you think they should be done.

And what is Controversial Success planning to blow us away with soon?

The DMS crew is currently recording a song which would come up by February 2020. I believe that 2020 will be awestricking.

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