Àyínke Ọlátórèrá, Poem by Oyewole Michael

Àyínke Ọlátórèrá – Her Majesty, A Gift From God

Her astonishing beauty
Matches her rare toned body
Her sonorous voice, a rarity
That compliments her gorgeous ibadi

You walk the earth like angels
Countenance brightens like the sun
Adorned with amazing apparels
The dream of every son

Superb intelligent quotient
Exudes thoughts only gods possess
With a mind excellent beyond lent
Her brilliance, never seen

Her Majesty, A Gift from God
With a touch that resonates
Smiles echoes the heart like rod
A perfect soothe for pains

Pray tell,
Her Majesty walks the earth gallantly
A Gift from God, so real
Giving hope to people, graciously

Her kind words soothes like balm
Softly ameliorating your pains
Like magnet, she attracts
And washes away your worries like rain

Her freshness like new wine
With eyeballs radiating like the moon
Mortals worship her with whine
I doff my heart for your boon

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So succulent is her lips
Her head crowned with bedecked hair
Her waist fits well with her hips
She oozes innocence like air


Oyewole Michael is a writer and poet from Nigeria. Some of his works have been featured in anthologies and has also been published in both print and online media. He is a farmer, intellectual entrepreneur, writer, poet and scopist. Be good.

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