Don’t Be The Next JAMB’s Victim: Here Are Some Reasons You May Fail UTME

Over the years, candidates have been finding it difficult to cross the 200 peg, which happened to be the minimum benchmark for securing Admission into most Institutions. Experts have tried reviewing the reasons behind the failure of Candidates to secure admission. Here are some of the reasons you may fail UTM;

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Your view Towards Jamb:

This is the major reason behind the failure of many prospects writing the JAMB Examinations. Over the year, Jamb has been over-rated. It has been viewed to be one hell of exam. In fact, so many songs have been released to portray Jamb as “not easy to pass”.

This has generated negative images in the mind of many candidates. They feel, “let me just take the exam”. However action without passion deserves to be sanctioned. Write the exam with the mindset, “I must pass”. The earlier you start developing success mindset, the better for you. You have to work on your mind and think like champions

You don’t have The Required texts:

The required textbooks go a long way to give you the required grade. If you have not been investing in your brain, it is time to do so. Make it your hobby to spend quality amount of money on books. You need them to pass your exams. It is what you have in your head that will take you ahead.

You can’t read for long:

Don’t get it twisted, effective reading is a function of time. As you prepare for your UTME, you need quality time to study. Anything that is taking your attention away from reading is not worth it.

It is just for a while. Pay now so that you can play later. Just imagine the joy of passing Jamb once and for all. The result is always worth the time spent. Dedicate your time to reading. That is all you need now.

You find it difficult to Understand some subjects:

This is what I call weakness. If you don’t handle it, it will handle your career. You have four subjects to write in Jamb. What if you are not good at two of the subjects? It means 200 marks is at stake. It is time to cure your phobia for certain subjects.

For example, You are offering English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in Jamb. You hate Mathematics and Physics. No matter how good you are at English and Chemistry, do you think you can pass Jamb? It will not only be very difficult for you to pass but impossible to score high

You Have Wrong Study habits:

Your habits determine your habitat. The right study habits produce the right results. Do you need help on how to develop a powerful study habit? With a bad study habit, you may fail this Jamb. You will fail UTME if you don’t have good study habits.

If you really want to sit for Jamb, then you should make up your mind to put in your best. If you are not reading well? Then why would you want to register for Jamb?

Depending on Expo To Pass Jamb:

This was the major cause of the monumental failure experienced in the 2013 Jamb examination. So many persons got answers through SMS. They went ahead to choose the wrong paper type as usual. The bad news was that Jamb programmed the machine to mark according to the original paper type given to each student.

You may be wondering, but it is CBT era. Yes, UTME is now computer-based. However, people still get all sort of answers by SMS on the exam date. The question is, how are you sure the answers are correct? Do not rely on anybody for help. Study hard and success will be your portion.

Depending on Jamb runs is one of the reasons you may fail Jamb. You just have to believe in yourself. Do your best and deliver in the hall. You don’t necessarily need to score above 300. You can score above 200 with little seriousness on your part.
You Don’t Understand how Admission Work

One of the reasons you may fail Jamb is that you don’t know what you are heading for. You lack knowledge of the competition ahead of you and what low Jamb score can do to you.

If you understand gaining admission is not easy and it will require you to have a nice score, then you will do everything possible to pass Jamb. Otherwise, you will watch yourself fail Jamb.

University admission is one of the major topics discussed among high school leavers. As a matter of fact, many students want to gain admission immediately they graduate from high school.

However, only a few of them knows how the University admission works.

You Are Shaking Hands With Procrastination:

Jamb is still very far. This is the language of procrastinators. They feel there is time, forgetting that time is not a handset. Procrastination has killed many students and Jamb applicants like you. The earlier you start preparing for your UTME examination, the better for you.
Cramming Past Questions

Past questions are prophecies of the exam questions. But, if you do not use them well, then can prophesy your failure. You are meant to use past questions so as to know the way exam questions are set. They are to be understood and not to be memorized.
You easily forget what you have read

If you forget what you read easily, then there is a great chance that you will not do well in the exam. Whether you will remember what you have studied or not is a function of how you study.



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