Five Major Relationship Goals Every Lover Needs to Know

How can you keep your relationship strong and firm without backing out after three to four months? How can you improve your relationship from being just friends to intense and bonded lovers? What are the goals that’ll trigger your relationship to the next level?
Currently, the term “relationship goals” happens to be something on rampage. The social media, these days, have piled up with too much unreal beliefs that showing off your lover to the world, is one of the best relationship goals ever. Well, this is a fallacy and a fat lie. Here, in this article, we’ll meticulously help you out to decipher & give you the precise goals & the tips you need to move your relationship forward as you read on.




Romance plays a good role model when it comes to relationship. Your relationship might be crumbling due to lack of romance. Yes, it’s important to have a romantic chemistry with your lover. But, being unable to be romantic to your partner becomes the ideal issue, waiting to be solved. If you feel comfortable talking together indoors, you should also feel comfortable talking together outdoors. It’s not a flaw to compliment one always and in between a discussion, saying one or two “I love you” quotes at him/her. The best subject for romance it so tease your partner while taking or initialing the “hold my hands” or “hold my waist” gesture. This helps a lot, aside having a French kiss.




Having the best sex you can together springs up hope for a future together and it makes your relationship build stronger bonds sexually. Some might say that being in a long term relationship without actively satisfying yourselves sexually means you have to accept that the passion will die someday, but that’s a fat lie. Once you find the person you love, you both will continue to find the cause to please each other in bed.




One mistake lovers make is being very lazy and lousy to make yourself neat and clean. Aside dressing very nice and looking fluffy, one should be able to adopt adept personal hygiene. One of the major most ignored hygiene is a bad mouth & body odour. Clean your body & teeth regularly. No man or woman likes a partner who has got a roaring mouth & body odour. The smell can wash out the nice outfit you’re putting on at any occasion. Mouth & body odour is a turn off during sex. Your partner may even find it so hard to kiss you, let alone, have sex with you. They turn people off, & they’re the deadliest killers in every relationship. Rectify it, and see your intimacy will grow better & fonder.




One of the reasons why most relationships break down and crumble is due to the fact that we overtly show our partners off to the social media. An American man once said that, “the best way to love your partner is to love one indoors and cherish one”. One of the most annoying flaws people make on social media is to starting flaunt their three month old lover and relationship on air or on one of their posts, looking fluffily dressed. Yes, it’s not a bad idea to flaunt the one you passionately love, but when it comes to showing off one on social media with lingering sexual desires, you’d be surprised to see your partner burying your relationship with series of excuses and complains in the future.
When you start having little issues with your partner, it grows from being just a mere argument to a serious breakup call. Keep your lover off social media.




Being able to properly communicate is also a major factor for your relationship. Because lack of communication can shrink any relationship, no matter how much you love have invested in your partner and the truckload of love you have for each other. You advise to always communicate with your partner daily.
Another aspect of communication in a relationship that deals with how we talk and behave morally and socially is known as oral abuse and egoism. These two groups of feelings can stop you from resolving any issue with your partner without hurting him or her in the end. Whenever there’s a dispute between you and your partner, try as much as possible to be amiable and nice to one in the end thereof. Apologize to him/her even if one was the person at fault. This goes a long way in your relationship. As hard as rendering an apology statement looks when you’re innocent, it is as easy as resolving any issue you have to your partner before it turns grave. You’re never the meekest or the weakling party. You are only doing it to save your relationship.




Of course, you both might be happier now, but where is this heading? Do you both see each other having a facsimile of the kind of reality in the future? This is definitely & precisely the questions you’ll want to ask your lover, since you don’t want to fritter away your time while staying in the relationship when the future is far from you both.
You have to often throw a joke on it, ask your lover where you guys would be in some year’s time & hear one’s reply. If it’s positive, there is a greater chance that you might end up marrying each other. If it’s negative, there is a lesser chance that you might still be together for more than 2years.
Psychologists say it’s evitable to deny the present but inevitable to hide or deny the future.
Strike the balance today with these tips, and make your love life grow fonder daily with lover today.
by Ifemeni Christian Derrick White
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