Heart on Errand
Why is my eyes brimming with tears?
And my heart consuming itself,
Something left me,
And shattered me into pieces.


Why does my eyes failed to sleep?
And my heart kept beating fast ?
A part of me as left ,
And I’ve been made incomplete
The morning refused to come,
And the sun felt reluctant to shine,
The moon was crying
And it shed tears of stars.
Is it a crime to love?
And a sin to care so much,
Is the reward of love broken heart?
And a shattered soul?.
The pain is not because you left,
It’s because of the memory we shared
And the promises we made

To be with each other …
Is it all over?
Or was it just a dream ?
Or the illusions of my mind?
Wake me up!
Tell me it wasn’t real,
Tell me she never meant it,
Convince me she’ll come back
To my loving arm for a warmth.
Questions surf through my bleeding heart,
And my medulla denied me of answers
Was it true she said those words?
Oh oh ! It pierced my heart
Like a dazzling dagger.
Save me a tear

And lend me a heart ,
That will feel no pain
And we love no heart .
Just wake me from this lousy dream
And tell me it was all a prank ,
Pinch me and let me feel the pain
Maybe I’m dead .
Where is my diamond?
Who removed her heart ?
And make her lost
Save a heart for her .
Oh! Save me from myself
My heart is on fire,
My heart is blazing,

With fuel of fear.
The said I’ll get over it,
Will I?
Won’t my heart heal ?
Will it?
If you see my beauty,
Tell her my heart is on errand,
It left when she left
And it’ll be back until she returns.
If you come across my own
Let her know I’m still waiting,
I have hope she’ll return
And we’ll spent a lifetime together.


ABOUT  Adesina Taiwo Abiola


Facebook Username : Adesina Taiwo Abiola

E-mail adress: [email protected]

From the author: Adesina Taiwo known as GOLDENPEN is a poet,comedian and artist ..
Born two decades and ago,and he’s currently studying political science at Federal College Of Education(Special Oyo).

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