Poetry: For How Long? by Oluokun Salman Abiodun

for how long…?

haven’t we slaughtered nights
in large numbers to invoke the
god of dream? for how long
are we going to stone the door
of heaven with fasts and prayer
before fortune will deem it fit to
amputate this failure that always
doublecross us on our path
to success….

haven’t we listened to poetry
of hope penned with
blue ink of endurance just to woo
the smiles of fate? Or,
for how long
are we to hold onto the sermon of
perseverance that assures the arrival
of joy on an untold tomorrow.
for how long would the assured rest
keep playing hide and seek with our future?

haven’t we been patient enough
to behold the flickers of the light
that hide at the end of the tunnel?
For how long are we meant to parade
this shore of moonless night before
morning will
come with light rays
in her hands to melt the wax
of fears that coat our heart…

haven’t we been loyal
to our hustles enough?
For how long would the smiles
on our lips keep masking our
pains before they (our pains)are
laid to rest in the grave of past
For how long are we going to paddle
this phases of struggles before our
aspirations wake from
the state of dream….
For how long…?

Author: Oluokun Salman Abiodun

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