Ramadan Poem | Day 19: The Story of a Bad Day by Zulikha Idris Babalola

The Story of a Bad Day

Here comes the wake up call
Dreamy eyes shot up to work
Tick tock.. The time is in a haste
Running fast to close for the day
The first assignment for the day might have to wait
Drifting hurriedly into queues with delay
Struggles for survival starts in a way
that suggests nothing other than “be it as it may”
The second assignment will merge with the next
Eat but don’t eat
Rest but don’t rest
Pressures mounted till the sun fades away
Drifting hurriedly again into queues with delay
The last assignment for day.. too.. will have to wait
And time finally closed its shade
Dreamy eyes, again shot up to rest and lay
And so cometh the sleep well call
Now that all assignments were pended, what then is the use of
by Zulikha Idris Babalola

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