Technology Is Speeding Up Change In The Education Industry

Technology is the driving force in education and will be for some time. Teachers and students are finding new and creative ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. The adoption of technology in all classrooms will help students use technology to its utmost potential. 

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In the past, the education industry was resistant to change. Recently, teachers sound like business people when they talk about student growth and learning benchmarks. This ability for teachers to easily collect and analyze data is just one of the many ways technology is the catalyst for change in the education industry. 

Teachers Are Discovering New Teaching Methods

Students are no longer reliant on their teachers for new information since almost anything a student wants to know is available through a few keystrokes. Teachers are using the change to create better use of class time by having students discuss what they have learned instead of lecturing students on the lesson. The discussion model gives students at all levels of education more interaction with the material, which increases their understanding. 

Students are spending time learning on their own rather than depending on someone else to give them the information. The change in ownership gives students a tool they can use for the rest of their lives.

Teachers are finding better uses for their time since they no longer need to spoon-feed information to students. Through self-directed modules, teachers can spend time with students who need more individual attention, while more autonomous students move on to more complex information. 

More Ways for Students to Get Help

Technology connects students to answers and to people who can help. There are hundreds of tutoring services on the web that can give students the extra help they need to understand complicated concepts. Students can find explanations and other ways of learning the lesson that their teacher might not be able to accommodate. 

Programs like IXL and Khan Academy are great places for students to get extra help. Khan Academy goes all the way up to calculus to help students on their way to bachelor’s degrees. Even if it’s just watching a YouTube video, the ability to get help allows students to find more success. 

Getting Students to The Right Colleges

High school seniors have myriad options when picking the college they want to attend. There are so many options it can be difficult to find the right school. There is always that lingering thought that they might have picked the wrong school. College counselors at high schools are helping students pick the right schools by using technology to analyze the trends of current and former students. 

There is a lot more to success in college than grinding out long study sessions. The demographics, location, financial aid, and faculty all play a part in finding the right fit. High school seniors can’t know all the aspects of a school, but data can help them. 

Big data is determining the demographics for students who are successful at certain schools. This couldn’t be more true for students of color, first-generation students, and students from low-income families. When in the wrong environment, these students fail at higher rates than their whiter and wealthier peers. Students should look at the data for students of similar backgrounds to see if the school is a good fit for them. 

Technology Gives Students More Creative Spaces

Art classes are often limited to the supplies and skills of an art teacher. Physical mediums for art aren’t always in the budget for school districts. The ability to download new programs gives students access to a wide range of mediums. Schools can combine technology and art through thousands of programs that offer graphic design, photoshop, and other artistic skills. More and more art is being generated through computers rather than with paint and a brush. 

Technology opens new doors for young students who have artistic talents. Allowing students access to computer programs will give them early access to creative endeavors. Technological skills like animation, visual effects, and digital photography are all creative outlets students can pursue that lead to successful careers. Students can earn certificates and other professional certificates by mastering artistic computer programs. 

Technology Gives More People Access to Quality Education

The best online universities are using technology to increase the number of students who can access life-changing education. These universities are on the cutting edge of developing and using new tools to enhance the online experience. The rate of change in the education industry will continue to increase as teachers and students find ways to implement technology in the learning experience. 

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