Time, Poem by Mc Emmanuel Zohn


Time drops in decay
like a candle that burns out.

Time runs;
quickly like a flash, it is gone,
and before you know it,
a day passes, then a week,
a month, a year,
a decade and soon, your lifetime.

Time, without forelimbs, flies
so high above the degree of our

Oh, time!
The world pitches her tents in you,
and nothing is done in her
with out you.

Oh, time!
You’re full of energy; you run
without pausing and stopping.
Can you take me alone with you?

Oh, time!
You’re the difference between the
rich, and poor, and of course,
you know no partiality: you’re
the same for both.

Time, from your belly,
you birth opportunities for

But sadly,
you’ve been mercilessly killed
by idle men who have chosen to
tread the burdensome path of
penury and adject failure.

it’s so sad for your murderers,
because the reward of their actions is far greater in height than Mount Everest.


Mc Emmanuel Zohn was born in Liberia on July 9, 1998, to Francis and Ophelia Zohn.  Growing up in life, Emmanuel experienced the fickle hands of fate; his
family went through a great financial hardship that opened his eyes to
abject poverty. 

However, he was brought up — sadly enduring his unfair condition. At the
age of 15, his loving mother passed away, and later after four years,
his elder sister died in a fatal car accident. But he was determined to
bring comfort to his family. He graduated from High school with honor
and distinction and is now an emergent Writer/Poet .

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