Today I Choose Joy Anthology, Edited by Jide Badmus and Miriam Oyeniyi

Today I Choose Joy Anthology, Edited by Jide Badmus and Miriam Oyeniyi

Today, I Choose Joy is an anthology of poems and stories edited by Jide Badmus and Miriam Oyeniyi, featuring Funso Oris, Korede Kakaaki, Jide Badmus, Taofeek Ayeyemi, John Chiobza Vincent, Dorcas Odok, Pamilerin Jacob and 30 other amazing writers.

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According to the editor, Jide Badmus;

“The decision to call for submissions for this anthology was made after a promising young writer died. It was a suicide. A couple of months after, one of my daughters in the literary world made an attempt to end it all. A few weeks after that, I got a suicide note delivered as an early  morning text; another promising writer took her own life.

“It was as if suicide was a writer’s issue. Depression seemed to be the writer’s bane. It was becoming a thing young writers were getting obsessed with too. Mental health issues were becoming trivialized. Some felt it was a trend to jump on.

“The intention is actually to show that there are options and we can always desire life. The goal is to show that you can decide to fight on, that you can make deliberate efforts to hunt for joy.

This anthology is a manual of survival—testimonies of those who have known pain and joy. It is a catalogue of battles and hard-won victories. It is an album of long nights, storms and sunshine.


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  1. When I say I choose Joy
    I mean the savior is all around___
    Jide Badmus, young writers are safe with this anthology.
    keep feeding the world.

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